‘Lucky Goal → Ugly Victory’ also scored 3 points, beat E-Land Bucheon and ‘rebounded atmosphere’

E-Land coach Park Choong-gyun sighed deeply, saying, “April is the turning point” ahead of the away game in the 8th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ with Bucheon FC held at Bucheon Sports Complex on the afternoon of the 18th. It is a repertoire repeated this month. because of the injured. Key midfielder Tsubasa, highly anticipated foreign striker Henan, Vietnamese national team striker Van Toan, and captain Han Yong-soo all suffered line injuries. Director Park said, “You shouldn’t make an excuse for injury, but it’s big that Tsubasa and Lee Dong-ryul (exit punishment) are missing.”

As a result, E-Land’s ‘gums’ were strong. The backup resources filled the gap of the main players better than expected. Veteran midfielder Kim Won-sik filled Tsubasa’s void in a different way. He worked hard to dominate the midfield with dedicated movements. By actively participating in defense from the side, Byun Byun and Lee Si-heon interfered with the overlapping movement of the Bucheon wingbacks. Bruno, who started this day, brought creativity to the team that was lacking. The beginning of the first half was on the decline. In the 11th minute of the first half, Bucheon’s representative striker by age, Ahn Jae-joon, completely broke the left side of Bucheon’s defense and hit a left-footed shot. This was saved by E-Land goalkeeper Moon Jeong-in. In the 18th minute, Bucheon Song Jin-kyu’s half-line shot went slightly off the target.

E-Land changed the mood with the first shot in the 34th minute. Lee Si-heon, who moved to E-Land from Bucheon this season, fired a right-footed shot from the front of the arc. Bucheon goalkeeper Lee Beom-soo threw himself away. In the ensuing attack situation, he scored the opening goal. E-Land dug into the center of the box in the Bucheon area. When Bucheon defender Yoo Seung-hyun kicked the ball away, it hit E-Land Cha Seung-hyun’s body right in front of him and deflected it into the goal. Cha Seung-hyun scored his lucky K-League debut goal. In the second half, Bucheon put Kim Kyu-min, Han Ji-ho, Kim Ho-nam, and Park Ho-min in a row to pursue it. However, in the 13th minute Song Jin-kyu’s mid-range shot was once again blocked by Moon Jeong-in’s save, and in the 41st minute Lee Dong-hee’s header slightly missed the goal. The game ended with a 1-0 victory for E-Land.

After winning the first win of the season against Ansan in the 6th round, E-Land sounded the victory in 2 games. Unlike Ansan, which won 4-1, the performance on this day was not very satisfactory. The number of shots was 14 in Bucheon and 4 in E-Land. 메이저사이트 However, what was more important than the number of shots was the ‘unbreakable mind’ and the will to keep the opening goal. E-Land, who lost 3 in the first 4 matches under coach Park Chung-gyun, was slowly learning how to gain points. On the other hand, Bucheon seemed to be on a brisk upward trend, winning 3 consecutive wins in the 2nd to 4th rounds, but they are riding a rollercoaster by losing all of their recent 3 matches. Bucheon coach Lee Young-min ordered the players to “start over from the basics”, but the result was the first goalless game since the opening game and 3 consecutive losses.

Meanwhile, the ‘Chungcheong Province Derby’ between Chungbuk Cheongju and Chungnam Asan, held at Cheongju Sports Complex, ended with Chungnam Asan’s 4-0 victory. Chungnam Asan won two consecutive victories by tying the victory against E-Land in the last round.

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