“Messi × Neymar doesn’t work in the EPL, who wants a circus?” fierce criticism

Crystal Palace former owner Simon Jordan, who is currently active as a soccer expert, negatively viewed the entry of superstars Lionel Messi (35) and Neymar (31, Paris Saint-Germain) into the Premier League.

Messi and Neymar are likely to part ways with PSG this summer. The possibility of two stars who have embroidered the soccer world from the past and are still in good standing in the Premier League is being raised everywhere.

Jordan, who observed this situation, poured out criticism through British Talk Sports. The British Daily Mail quoted and reported on the 10th, revealing great interest.

First of all, regarding Messi, “Now I have reached the end of my career. There is also the issue of wages. A weekly wage of more than 500,000 pounds (830 million won) matches his reputation, and since he is Messi, I will say that it is worth it.” Which team do you want? Manchester City? Even if he is linked to Pep Guardiola, there is no movement. So is Liverpool. Manchester United have already been hurt by Cristiano Ronaldo. You won’t want another primadonna. Messi can go to the Middle East to raise money and end his career.” 스포츠토토

Then, to Neymar, “Where is anyone who thinks a Premier League transfer is beneficial? Who wants a circus to accompany him? There is a transfer fee and you have to pay exorbitant wages. The Premier League doesn’t need it. I don’t know where he will be or what he will do. He raised his voice, saying, “Since he is a good player, he won’t settle down somewhere.” In the end, Jordan asserted that the pair’s chances of reaching the Premier League were slim due to various obstacles.

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