Miracle Jeju, ‘last place → 3rd place’ 5 consecutive wins + 9G 8 wins and 1 loss

Jeju United won 5-0 with Seo Jin-soo’s 2 goals and 1 assist in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 13 Suwon FC away match held at Suwon Sports Complex in Gyeonggi-do at 7:00 pm on the 14th, and Pajuk’s 5th consecutive win to 3rd place. stood

In the early stages of the game, Suwon led the way. In the 27th minute of the first half, Lee Seung-woo broke through the dribble from the left and passed it to Lars in the center arc circle. Lars confused the defense as if he would pass to Lee Seung-woo again, then fired a mid-range shot with his left foot, but the ball went over the goal post.

In the 30th minute of the first half, Jeju took their first shot, and in the 33rd minute, Lee Chang-min sensibly passed a forward pass to Kim Joo-gong in the box, and Kim Ju-gong fired a right-footed shot, but was embraced by the goalkeeper.

In the 39th minute of the first half, Jeju, which was warming up for the goal, was hit by Lim Chae-min, who came up from the left side of the box, and was tackled by Suwon defender Shin Se-gye. At first, the whistle was not blown, but a penalty kick was declared through VAR, and Seo Jin-soo stepped up as the kicker. Seo Jin-soo scored the opening goal by kicking it high with his right foot, and reported the opening goal in the 42nd minute of the first half with a ‘Shh’ ceremony to the Suwon fans who were booing at him from behind the goal.

In the first half, the ball possession rate was tight with 50%, Jeju scored a goal by connecting all 4 shots on target, and Suwon scored 5 shots and 3 shots on target.

In the 17th minute of the second half, in the 17th minute of the counterattack, Lars broke through the dribble from behind the center circle to the Jeju box at once, and then the left-footed shot flew over the goalpost and erased the regret.

In the 23rd minute of the second half, Jeju scored an additional goal with a right-footed shot after Heys’ corner kick from the right was caught by Seo Jin-soo at the nearby post. Seo Jin-soo, who reported the multi-goal in the game that day.

After trailing 0-2, the home team Suwon tried to turn around, including Jae-yong Jeong, but Jeju’s defense was not broken. Rather, in the 32nd minute of the second half, Jeju Ahn Hyun-beom’s right-handed two-on-one pass was used to break through, and Kim Joo-gong’s heel shot was blocked by a low cutback pass.

In the 38th minute of the second half, Lee Chang-min’s long free kick from the right was headed by Hayes, and Kim Joo-gong scored a diving header to make Jeju 4-0. In the 44th minute of the second half, Lee Seung-woo scored a comeback goal for Suwon, but even this was declared offside and the goal was canceled.

In the 1st minute of extra time in the second half, Hayes slipped a low pass following Seo Jin-soo’s breakthrough from the left as he fell in front of the goalpost, giving Jeju a whopping 5-0 victory.

With the victory on this day, Jeju will continue its overwhelming upward trend with 5 consecutive wins and 8 wins and 1 loss in the last 9 games including the FA Cup.

Jeju fell to the bottom of the league with 2 draws and 3 losses from 메이저사이트 the opening on February 26th to Ulsan Hyundai on April 2nd. However, after winning against Gangwon FC with Seo Jin-soo’s winning goal on April 9, they won three consecutive victories, including the FA Cup, and although they lost to Jeonbuk Hyundai, they won five consecutive victories from Daejeon Hana Citizen on April 26 to today’s game.

With this victory, Jeju has 23 points from 13 games, and is tied with FC Seoul and Pohang Steelers on points. However, Jeju became +20 in multiple points, surpassing Pohang, which had +19, and rose from 5th to 3rd place. Suwon FC maintained 7th place with 15 points from 1 win, 3 losses and 2 losses in the last 4 games.

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