“Only the official remains” Suwon’s ‘Monster ST’ Oh Hyeon-kyu plans to join Celtic

Another European leaguer is born in the ‘MTS (Maetan Boys)’ that Suwon Samsung is proud of. Forefront striker Oh Hyun-gyu is moving to Scotland Celtic.

On the 25th, an official from Suwon said regarding Oh Hyun-gyu, “Negotiations between the two clubs and agreement on individual conditions have been completed. The medical test procedure has also been completed. We decided to make an official announcement at the same time.”

Oh Hyeon-gyu, who solved military service at Gimcheon Sangmu early on. After returning to Suwon, he played the K-League stage in earnest last season. Oh Hyun-gyu played a big role by running a double-digit scorer, and saved Suwon from a crisis with a miraculous theater goal during the promotion playoffs.

Oh Hyun-gyu was called up to coach Paulo Bento, who was holding the baton at the time, and put his name on the Korean national team. Although the final list was frustrated, he accompanied the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar as the ’27th member’ to prepare for the possible departure of Son Heung-min.

It was a dedication that touched even Son Heung-min. 안전놀이터 After the World Cup ended, Son Heung-min met with reporters and said, “What I want to say here is to thank (Oh) Hyeon-gyu so much. Despite being a young player, he knew exactly what role he had to play and did it. In a way, he seems to be the player who played the most important role among the players who participated in the World Cup.

After the tournament, Oh Hyun-gyu received a love call from Celtic, Scotland. Influential media outlets, including Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’, reported news related to Oh Hyun-gyu. In the end, Oh Hyun-gyu leaves Suwon, which he has been fond of, and challenges the European stage with Celtic.

This season, Suwon are running towards the goal of reviving the famous family, but they have decided to respect the best opportunity given to Oh Hyun-kyu. Like Kwon Chang-hoon, who left for Dijon, and Jeong Sang-bin, who moved to Wolverhampton, it is a decision for the player.

Oh Hyeon-kyu, who grew up at Maetan Middle School and Maetan High School under the club, spread his blue wings in Suwon. The young striker expected by Korea is starting anew at Celtic, where Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Doo-ri played. An official announcement is expected to be made sometime tonight, given the nine-hour time difference in Scotland.

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