‘Otani sniper’ out of stock, now it’s time to explode.

Samsung Lions outfielder Song Joon-seok (29) is out of stock.

Song Joon-seok will marry bride Kim Seong-mi at 2:00 p.m.

The two, who met through acquaintances and became passionate after about two years of love, plan to set up a home in Dong-gu, Daegu after going on a honeymoon to Jeju Island.

A special talent who was selected for the youth national team during Jangchung High School and was recognized for his batting talent early on. In the youth national team match against Korea and Japan, he left a strong impression by hitting Shohei Ohtani’s 151km fastball and making a preemptive and timely double that cut through the middle left. At that time, Song Joon-seok was the only Korean player with the most hits in the national team and was a strong hitter with long hitting power enough to be selected as an All-Star in the tournament.

Ahead of the second act of life, I have a new resolution. Marriage with a lifelong partner is expected to be a turning point in baseball life.

Song Jun-seok, who received a phone call the day before the wedding, said, “I am always grateful for my wife who always supports me and understands me while playing baseball.” “, he vowed.

The reason for putting off overseas travel and going on a simple honeymoon to Jeju is partly because of the bride’s job, but there is also a thought to secure more exercise time ahead of the camp.

In fact, Jun-seok Song is doing personal training by going back and forth between Lions Park and Gyeongsan every day in line with the camp, even in the midst of busy wedding preparations.

With marriage, the point of approaching thirty. I can’t stay as a ‘prospect’ any longer.

The first season of Park Jin-man, who declared infinite competition. For Song Joon-seok, it is time to raise the odds. Although the starting lineup is well-established, there are plenty of gaps to squeeze into. The important thing is not other players who are competitors. he is himself

Whenever the opportunity comes, if he concentrates on every turn at bat, he is a strong enough player to shine in the first team stage. If motivation overlaps this winter, the potential that has been postponed can explode. 안전놀이터

He has been playing a stable role in the Futures League, but he was somewhat impatient with limited first-team opportunities. There is an aspect of him not being able to take advantage of a precious opportunity due to the psychology of being in a hurry to see a quick game in his at-bat. There are no excuses.

“I don’t think I didn’t get a chance because I wasn’t prepared for it rather than I didn’t have a chance. I tried to find a problem in myself, and like other backup players, I will always be prepared and take advantage of small opportunities to strengthen my position. .”

This winter, we are preparing for an upgrade through small but detailed changes.

“I don’t touch anything big. I’m testing various things. In a direction that works well for me. Rather than a big change, it’s more important not to get injured. I’m trying to make up for my weaknesses and make good use of my strengths to create a season that continues to improve. I’ll do it.”

There are many players who bloom in their 30s like Yoo Yu-jun, who left a mark in the history of professional baseball as a pronoun of late maturity. Song Joon-seok is also the owner of a special talent that can stand tall as a power hitter representing Korea beyond Samsung in his 30s. Fans are looking forward to making a big leap with marriage. It is Song Jun-seok’s infinite potential that must be exploded even for Samsung’s successful season without special power reinforcement this winter.