Overwhelming insight… Dumpling director with a hawk’s eye

It was August 4 last year. The Lions met the Bears in Jamsil. The head coach of the away team is novice. This is the second match with the acting (coach) armband. I haven’t even had a win yet.

thank god. This day is off to a good start. 6-0 is solved smoothly. Then it was defense in the 5th inning. At 1 company 1 base, Park Se-hyuk was treated as a ground ball to 1 base. First baseman (Oh Jae-il) → shortstop (Oh Seon-jin) → pitcher (Won Tae-in). It’s called a reverse double play.

Convinced that the inning is over, Won Tae-in clenched his fist. As soon as he tries to withdraw to the dugout. The first baseman (Na Kwang-nam) took a step. It’s a safe signal. The defense side jumps up. ‘What are you talking about?’ Immediately send a rescue request to the bench. It is an SOS to request a video review.

The novice agent who received the report will stop the game. And he radiates charisma toward the referee. Cast ‘Candy in My Ear’ with a solemn expression. In an instant, the ground freezes. Was it too engrossing? I wish it were. no. Something is wrong. 먹튀검증

The away team dugout gets busy. ‘That’s MADE IN USA.’ In a hurry, it informs you of Korean-made movements. The party also realizes that. ‘Oops, I watched the major leagues too much… .’ Draw a finger square again. Bread bursts here and there.

anyway. The referee puts on a headset. The reading result came out in 10 seconds. The out was not overturned. keep the centrifugal Still, victory did not change. Final score 9-2. It was the day Park Jin-man won his first win.

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