Park Jin-seong, ‘Teddy’, who joined Liv Sanbak, “I want to annoy the other person”

Park “Teddy” Jin-seong, who left Guangdong Freecs last year, took a break. Park Jin-seong, who debuted in Ever8 Winners (disbanded) in 2016, played an active role as an ace in Jin Air Green Wings (disbanded). He also set a new record in the 2018 LCK Spring T1 (then SKT) match with 1,465 CS.

Park Jin-seong, who later moved to T1, helped the team win three LCK championships. Park Jin-seong, who experienced a season with the Guangdong Freecs, took a break from the 2023 LCK Springs. Park Jin-seong, who joined Liv Sandbox (hereinafter referred to as Liv Sanbak) ahead of the summer season, showed what he had previously shown in a recent meeting. He said he wanted to show a play that annoyed his opponent.

Q, You returned after one season with Liv Sanbak. I want to hear your impressions.

A, I know a lot of people on the team. Even with coach ‘Rin’ (Kim) Dabin, I remember having fun with her when we went overseas, so I think she’s kind of close. She has a lot of players who she talked to often, so it’s good to get along.

Q: How was your break period?

A. His stamina isn’t good, but he’s not the type to hang out very much. While eating home-cooked meals, I spent my days playing ‘Slashing Winds’ with my friends or talking while watching competitions. I slept comfortably for about 12 hours a day and took a break like a break. Rather, since I rested too much, I thought I wanted to try something (work) now.

Q, How was the reaction around you when you joined Liv Sanbak? When the preview video came out, there were many predictions that if it wasn’t for the top, the long-distance dealer would be you.

A. When I talked to the players I was close with, the response was that the only place to go would be Liv Sanbak. I thought so too. If I were to join the team in the summer season, this would be the place to go. I don’t know the reaction because I don’t have many friends, but everyone told me to go and do well.

Q. There was talk of a Chinese team, but you joined Liv Sanbak. I wonder what your impression was when you saw it from the outside.

A, I was doing well in the beginning, but suddenly fell. And I thought I was good at fighting and skirmishes. The image of Liv Sanbak from the outside was ‘romantic’ and ‘sandstorm’. He wanted to sign something quickly and practice comfortably. He didn’t worry when signing the contract.

Q, How did you watch the LCK spring?

A. Watching the game while resting made me mentally more relaxed. I became calmer and my anger lessened. It looks like you had fun When ‘Zecca’ Kim Geon-woo (Hanwha Life Insurance) was at a disadvantage in the first round, I thought he was doing well, watching him calmly maintain his own rhythm and carry Akalina Silas in the second half. I think the match was intense.

Q, Last year’s summer season, personally, I think was the worst record (13 wins, 29 losses, KDA 3.2). What part did you miss?

A, Overall, it was disappointing. It’s hard to pinpoint just one. It was very disappointing and it was a season with many downsides. Compared to the early days of the pro, everything was disappointing. up to the mind. What I thought while resting was ‘what I used to be like’. In the early days, each game was precious, but as the years went by, my mind changed more than I thought. In the future, I think I need to increase my concentration in that area. 스포츠토토

Q, Looking at the video released when Liv Sanbak announced his joining, when Lee Young-nam, a power analyst, explained about himself, he said, ‘There were a lot of summer deaths, but in terms of stability, it was evaluated as being at the 1st or 2nd place’.

A, it seems to have come out highly in terms of stability because it is an indicator that includes the days of Jin Air. Even so, I took out the old data and believed in it, so I thought I should work hard too. Even when playing games, I feel like I should cherish my life. It’s only been a week since I joined, but everything from the power analyst to the coaching staff is positive.

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