‘Practice makes perfect’ 157km hold between two teams. A different class. Two consecutive one-over innings. Two innings of 16 balls.

Last year’s holdover, Jung Woo-young (LG Twins), has been pitching solidly in the Futures League.

Jung pitched one inning each in the Futures League games against the Hanwha Eagles on the 19th and 20th.

On the 19th, he came in as the third pitcher after Cho Won-tae in the top of the sixth inning and threw eight pitches to end the inning with a triple play.

He retired the first four batters he faced on a grounder to the pitcher, Kwon Kwang-min on a foul fly to the catcher, and Heo Kwan-ho on a fly to right field.

On the 20th, he pitched the top of the ninth inning with a 10-1 lead. After retiring the first four batters, Jung struck out Lee Sang-hyuk, got Park Jung-hyun on a fielder’s choice, gave up a single to Eu Eui-yeol, and got Kwon Kwang-min on a fly to left field to end the game. He threw eight pitches on the day.

Jung, who won the hold title last year with 35 holds, has struggled this season. In 50 appearances, he has a 4-4 record with 11 holds and a 4.43 ERA. This is not the same Jung who had a 2.22 ERA in 2021 and a 2.64 ERA last year. With his current form, he is unlikely to reach 20 holds for the fourth consecutive year.

This is the same Jung Woo-young who used to get batters to hit in the mid-150s with his fastball, but this season, he’s starting to get hit. In his fifth year, many batters have already gotten used to his delivery. The difficulty was compounded by the fact that he was trying to fix his slow quick motion, which caused his velocity to drop and his delivery to struggle.

His up-and-down pitching continued, and after giving up a hard-hit ball to Kim Hwi Jip, the leader of the Kiwoom Heroes on the 12th, he was replaced by Kim Jin-sung with runners on first and third after Lee Ju-hyung singled to right. When Jin-sung got Lim Byung-wook to ground out in front of the second baseman, the runner from third came home to score, giving Jung Woo-young a run. The decision was made to send him down to the second team to make adjustments.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Jung Woo-young has been pitching well with one pitch, but the hitters have gotten used to it. He needs to throw other pitches like curveballs and changeups. He should also be able to throw a high fastball with a four-seam.” “He needs to change now. “You have to change now so you can be ready for the major leagues later.

He pitched in the second team to test out his changeup, but he threw just 16 pitches in two games, so quickly that it was questionable whether the test was successful. Still, the fact that he pitched well in the second team gives us reason to be optimistic. 메이저놀이터

Yeom has stated that he plans to bring Jeong back to the first team in 10 days, so it’s likely that he’ll join the team on the 23rd against the Jamsil Lotte Giants.

Jeong Woo-young’s growth will be crucial for the team’s chances of winning the title and Asian Games gold.

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