‘Re-enlistment in Incheon challenging the ACL’ Kim Dae-jung, “Coach Seong-hwan Cho reached out his hand… One of the league-cup-ACL wins”

Kim Dae-jung has been re-signed by Incheon United. He shared his impressions of returning to Incheon two months after his contract expired.

Kim Dae-jung rejoined the team two months after the contract with the club expired at the end of the 2022 season. His contract is for one year until the end of 2023. Kim Dae-jung said, “After the contract expired, I found a team, and coach Cho Sung-hwan reached out to me, so I was able to return to my own team again. I think the 2023 season will be an important year for Incheon and me. I want to do my best to help him achieve at least one title in the Cup and ACL. I will do my best to break through the limits of the club and myself this year,” he said, expressing his thoughts on rejoining.

The Incheon club announced on the 22nd that it had re-signed Kim Dae-jung, whose contract expired at the end of the 2022 season, to diversify attack options for the 2023 season, which will advance to the Asian Champions League (ACL). His contract is for one year until the end of 2023.

Kim Dae-jung, who graduated from Kyunghee High School and Hongik University, debuted in Incheon in the 2014 season and played only in Incheon except for the 2019 and 20 season Sangmu enlistment. He scored 3 goals and 6 assists in 107 K-League career games. 먹튀검증

Kim Dae-jung, who is 189cm and 84kg in good physical condition, is a player with an advantage in height based on solid physical and unique header ability. At the same time, he has been able to score in critical situations with high concentration. His representative example is the header goal that saved the team from relegation against Busan I-Park in the 2020 season and the header goal that landed the team in Final A against Suwon Samsung in the 2022 season.

On the other hand, Kim Dae-jung, who completed all joining procedures such as medical tests, joined team training immediately after being given the number 50 uniform and started the final hardening before the start of the 2023 season.

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