“Relegated to Richarlison U-18 team”… Punishment claims for Conte sniping

Voices are coming out that striker Richarlison should be disciplined for publicly criticizing manager Antonio Conte and Tottenham Hotspur.

“If I were Conte, I would demote Richarlison to the Under-18s,” Gabriel Agbonlaher, a former English national footballer, told Talk Sports.

Richarlison said in an interview with ‘TNT Brazil’ after the match against AC Milan on the 9th, “I don’t understand why I started from the bench. Didn’t I win two consecutive wins against West Ham United and Chelsea, where I started, and that proved it?” I think. I have to run more,” he said.

“It’s such a season. They (Tottenham coaching staff) suddenly put me on the bench against Wolverhampton. I asked why. They didn’t say anything to me. Let’s see what Conte will say. There are no fools here. I’m a pro. I want to play every day. I’ve struggled a little this season with injuries, but I give my life for football. The last two games when I started, the team won them all. “he raised his voice. 세븐 토토

As Richarlison said, Tottenham won 2-0 against West Ham and Chelsea, where Richarlison started.

However, in the match against Wolverhampton, Richarlison started off the bench and Tottenham lost 0-1. Even in the match against AC Milan on the 9th, when victory was absolutely necessary, Richarlison was unable to start, and Tottenham drew 0-0, so the first and second games were eliminated with a total score of 0-1.

Richarlison left Everton for a transfer fee of £60 million ahead of this season and wore a Tottenham uniform.

However, in 17 Premier League games, he has scored only two goals without scoring. He is struggling to secure playing time, unable to surpass Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevski and Harry Kane.

“His positive moment is 0 goals in 2 matches. I don’t understand. The positive part for £60m is 2 goals (Champions League) and 2 assists,” said Agbonlaher. I’m sure the kit and boots will be in the under-18 dressing room this morning.”

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