Reynolds eventually stays in Pittsburgh for a long time.. 8-year 106.75 million contract extension agreement

Pittsburgh and Reynolds have agreed to a contract extension.

On April 26 (Korean time), MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, announced that the Pittsburgh Pirates had agreed to a contract extension with Brian Reynolds.

According to MLB.com, Pittsburgh has agreed to an eight-year, $106.75 million contract extension with Reynolds. The contract starts from this season, and the club option exists for the 2031 season. It is the largest contract in Pittsburgh’s history.

Reynolds will receive a $2 million signing bonus and an annual salary of $6.75 million this year. He will receive an annual salary of $10 million in the 2024 season, $12 million in the 2025 season, $14 million in the 2026 season, and $15 million annually for the 4 years of the 2027-2030 season. For the 2031 season, there is a $20 million club option and a $2 million buyout.

If the club option is exercised, the scale rises to $124.75 million over 9 years. However, Reynolds’ salary this season remains unchanged. This is because he has already signed a two-year, $13.5 million contract with an annual salary of $6.75 million each for the 2023-2024 season. This contract is effectively a seven-year, $100 million extension.

Reynolds, now 28, will stay with Pittsburgh for up to his 36-year-old season with the deal. Reynolds, who had conflicts with the club to the extent of requesting a trade, ended up staying in Pittsburgh on a long-term contract. 안전놀이터

Reynolds, a right-handed outfielder born in 1995, was selected by the San Francisco Giants in the second round of the 2016 draft and moved to Pittsburgh in January 2018 in a trade with Andrew McCutchen. He made his big league debut in 2019 and played in 493 games for four years until last year, hitting .281/.361/.481 with 74 homers, 239 RBIs and 16 stolen bases. He recorded .294 / .319 / .553, 5 home runs, 18 RBIs and 3 steals in 22 games through the 25th this season.

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