‘Samsung head coach’ Lee Byeong-gyu, “LG, who has been with me for 23 years, leaves without saying goodbye”

Geelong Korea coach Lee Byeong-gyu expressed his thoughts on ending the season and his new start as head coach of the Samsung Lions.

Geelong Korea, led by coach Lee, finished the 2022-2023 season on the 22nd and returned home via Incheon International Airport on the 23rd. Geelong Korea recorded 13 wins and 27 losses in 40 matches, ranking 7th among 8 teams in the Australian Baseball League.

Coach Lee, who led the team as the 3rd coach of Geelong Korea, was initially expected to return midway through the season as Samsung’s appointment as head coach became known. Coach Lee, as the head coach of Samsung, will depart for the spring camp in Okinawa, Japan on the 30th.

Coach Lee, who we met at Incheon International Airport on the 23rd, said, “Most of the players didn’t get many opportunities in the team during the season, so I told them to do what they want to do more than anything else. It was a good experience. I engraved a lot of ‘endurance’ (laughs),” he said, conveying his impressions of performing as a director for the first time.

Manager Lee said, “Players like Kyu-Sung Kim gained a lot of confidence in the at-bat. In the case of pitchers, they made players who hadn’t pitched a lot throw a lot of innings and threw 6 or 7 innings. When dealing with batters, the feeling of intimidation will go away.”

Coach Lee, who experienced the Australian league for the first time, said, “Australian baseball is rough. I can’t say that the level is low.메이저놀이터 If the rough baseball matches, Korea may be defeated, and if you use it well, you will be able to win. He played aggressive baseball rather than strategy.” .If Korean baseball focuses on the early stages, there is a good chance of winning. Falling balls and high fastballs worked well,” he said, analyzing Australia, which is in a group at the WBC held in March.

Regarding former coach Dae-seong Koo, who joined the team from the match against the Adelaide Giants on the 19th and threw three games, Lee said, “I came to train with him at first, and he wanted to throw a ball, so he said he would give me a chance if he came to Adelaide first. He is really amazing. I think I learned a lot from watching the players.”

Finally, coach Lee, who joined LG in 1997 as the 1st designation and wore a blue uniform and took off the striped uniform he had never taken off since his days as a player, said, “It was a team I had been in for 23 years, but I left without even saying goodbye. I won’t. I can meet them someday. I thought it was good to learn from a new team. Coach Jin-man Park is younger than me, but I wanted to learn defensive baseball and thorough routines. I will read the players well from spring camp and fight.” He left comments and greetings.

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