Samsung’s first victory in the Okinawa League, Lotte? KIA? SSG? Hanwha? 

Which team will be Samsung’s first win in the Okinawa League?

Samsung has yet to taste the joy of its first victory in the four practice games held at the Okinawa camp.

In the first match against the Nippon Ham Fighters held at Nago Stadium on the 9th, they lost 0-3. On the 11th, they suffered a big 1-18 loss against the Chunichi Dragons. He gave up 9 points in the 3rd inning and collapsed.

The second game against Chunichi on the 12th also ended with a score of 0-7. On the 19th, we faced the Hanshin Tigers at Ginoza Stadium, but lost 0-10, so we had to postpone our first win until the next opportunity.

The goal margin is -37 points. If you look at the results alone, you may be full of worries, but the Okinawa League, or practice game, is just a preparation for the regular season.

Among the 10 clubs, they started practice games the earliest, and instead of regular members, the starting lineup consisted of promising players. Rather than winning immediately, the main purpose was for young players to gain experience through actual matches.

Manager Park Jin-man thought, “It is important to try the parts of training that have been practiced in practice games. Also, there is something to be gained through defeat. It will be a good opportunity to work harder to make up for what is lacking.”

He also added, “I hope the players will not be stressed about the results of the game. After the season begins, the results have to be produced, but now it is a preparation process, so I hope they focus on the process rather than the result.” 카지노사이트

From the 28th, a practice match with a domestic club is scheduled.

Starting with the Lotte Giants on the 28th, they will clash with the KIA Tigers on the 1st and 5th of next month. SSG Landers on the 6th and Hanwha Eagles on the 8th. A 4-day practice game is also scheduled with the Yomiuri Giants, a prestigious Japanese team.

Unlike the previous practice game against the Japanese team, the starting lineup is mainly composed of key players in the confrontation with the domestic team, and not only foreign one-two punches such as David Buchanan and Albert Suarez, but also key members such as Oh Seung-hwan and Woo Kyu-min will appear.

It is noteworthy whether Samsung, suffering from a pitching mismatch and falling into the swamp of 4 consecutive losses, will enjoy the joy of its first win against a domestic club.

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