‘Season Out’ Neuer loses the captain’s armband to his best friend…”A closer relationship with the manager”

Manuel Neuer (37, Munich) is in danger of losing the captain’s armband. to his best friend.

Germany’s ‘Built+’ announced on the 6th (Korean time), “Manuel Neuer is likely to be stripped of the captaincy. Joshua Kimmich is likely to be his successor as captain.”

Neuer, who has been active as the main gatekeeper for a long time in Bayern Munich and the German national team, has demonstrated leadership as Munich’s captain since the 2017-2018 season.

Neuer, who played 488 official games in Munich alone, was still showing excellent skills at the age of 36. But lately there has been a problem with his position. This is because the season was out due to an absurd injury. He broke his shin bone while skiing while on vacation after missing the World Cup last year. He underwent surgery right away, but the result was a season out.

In the end, Munich hastily recruited Moenchengladbach’s goalkeeper Jan Sommer. Also, Neuer, who cannot play for a long time, is being considered for the loss of the captaincy. According to reports, Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann said: “Now we have five months to decide who will be captain on the pitch. Thomas Müller, Joshua Kimmich or someone else.”

According to reports, Neuer’s return to captaincy wasn’t just because of an injury. The media reported, “Even when Neuer’s body was not in trouble, coach Nagelsmann talked to Kimmich first instead of Neuer, and Kimmich was an important player who maintained the closest relationship with Nagelsmann.”

According to Bild+, “Neuer didn’t like Nagelsmann and Kimmich’s closer relationship than he did as captain. Neuer sometimes felt he was being ignored.” 온라인바카라

The media said, “Kimmich is already evaluated as a captain. Müller is also a good successor captain, but he is no longer a solid main player in Munich and his position is declining. Ironically, Kimmich and Neuer are close friends. Kimi in the German national team “It was Neuer who recommended Hi, and the two often play tennis together. If Kimmich takes Neuer’s armband, it could be a big problem.”

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