Seongnam FC’s Kwon Soon-hyung and Jang Hyo-joon visit the fourth school, Dodon-cho, ‘Together with Magpie’

Seongnam FC held the fourth installment of its ‘Magpie Together’ program this morning (May 5).

‘Magpie Together’ is a program in which Seongnam FC players visit elementary schools in Seongnam to promote healthy physical activity among local children and interact with students.

Seongnam FC invites the students they met through the ‘Magpie Together’ program to accompany the squad to home matches and continues to build relationships with the participating schools, bringing a total of more than 300 family fans to Tancheon Sports Complex.

Today, for the fourth time, Kwon Soon-hyung and defender Jang Hyo-joon joined students from Dodong Elementary School (hereinafter referred to as Dodongcho) for soccer recreation and mini-games. The students showed their enthusiasm by sweating alongside the players. 메이저사이트

Seongnam FC’s Kwon Soon-hyung said, “Some of the students came to our last home game, and I was surprised to see so many friends who said they were fans. I have elementary school children myself, so it was even more meaningful to be able to be with my peers. I hope that today will be a good memory for the friends from Dochon-cho and that they will come to the stadium this weekend and give us a lot of support.”

Seongnam FC said, “The program has received a good response, with friends who participated in the program visiting the stadium and many inquiries about the program. In an era where children’s physical activity is decreasing, through Magpie Together, we will strive to help elementary school students in Seongnam keep healthy through healthy physical education classes, develop an interest in soccer, and become longtime fans of Seongnam.”

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