Seongnam opens ‘Citizen Appreciation Festa’…all Seongnam citizens are invited to Tancheon

Seongnam FC invites all citizens of Seongnam to Tancheon Sports Complex.

Seongnam will host the ‘Seongnam FC Citizen Appreciation Festa’ at the home game against Chungbuk Cheongju FC in the 5th round of the K League 2 held at Tancheon Sports Complex on April 1 at 16:00.

In April, when flowers bloom, Seongnam invites all citizens of Seongnam to the stadium in order to fulfill its role as a civic club that encompasses both Seongnam citizens and fans and to empower the team.

The club will hold an event for Seongnam citizens to watch the game for 1,000 won and a free admission event for those born in 1973 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Seongnam City’s promotion to the city.

Tickets for both events can be exchanged for tickets by purchasing tickets through the club’s website and going through the confirmation process at the on-site box office on the day of the match. This event is limited to W seats, E seats, and black zones.

All fans who enter will receive a team cheering postcard. The postcards are also used for pre-publicity activities. On the day of the match, write a message to the player you are rooting for and put the postcard in the application box in front of the entrance gate. The postcard will be delivered directly to the player you are rooting for. After the game, various prizes such as the 2023 Seongnam FC uniform and signed ball will be presented through a lottery among the creators. 안전놀이터

Seongnam FC CEO Kim Young-ha said, “The club is making great efforts for the ‘Seongnam FC Citizen Appreciation Festa’, which will be the first step for Seongnam FC’s 5,000 spectators. We are preparing to fulfill the role of the citizen team well and make sure that many Seongnam citizens and Seongnam FC fans can enjoy the game, so I hope many people will visit us on the day and give us enthusiastic support.”

In addition, Seongnam is preparing various home game events for the first game in April and is preparing to welcome many Seongnam citizens and fans.

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