‘Shock’ Burnley… Points deducted after 2 weeks of promotion ‘Lightning’ Crisis → Candidate input ‘match fixing’

On the 8th, Burnley, a member of the English Championship (second division), confirmed promotion to the English Premier League (EPL). It was a festive atmosphere because it was promoted to the EPL again after a year after falling to the second division.

Burnley won 2-1 in the 40th round of the ‘2022-23 Season England Championship (2nd Division)’ held at Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough, England at 4 am (Korean time) on the 8th.

With 90 points (26 wins, 12 draws, 2 losses), Burnley secured promotion with 19 points ahead of second-place Sheffield United with six games remaining. By the 22nd, the point difference with Sheffield had been reduced to 10 points.

However, in the later game, Burnley is being investigated for a kind of ‘match manipulation’ that did not do its best, so attention is drawn to it. If it is intentional, you can face a deduction of victory points, so you can’t help but focus on the results of the future investigation.

England’s The Sun reported on the 23rd that “Burnley being investigated for weakened team play, points may be deducted and fines may be imposed if convicted.”

After promotion was confirmed, Burnley took on Reading and Rodrum United last week. This became a problem. Since he had already been promoted, he put in substitutes and played games, and both games ended in a draw.

It is said that some of the 2nd division teams claimed that it was ‘match-fixing’ that put a candidate player in a winnable game and made a winnable game a draw, and entered into an investigation. In particular, after promotion was confirmed, Burnley won 2-0 by putting in the starting lineup against Sheffield, second place. However, it can be viewed with suspicion as they recorded a draw against 19th placed Rodrum and 22nd placed Reading.

Huddersfield, the 21st-ranked team, was heated as Burnley recorded a draw against Reading, the 22nd-ranked team, without excluding six starting players. With the difference in points reduced to one point, they are in danger of falling back to the third division. 카지노

In response to such a protest, the EFL sent a letter to Burnley saying that it could be fined or deducted from points if convicted.

Regarding this, Burnley is adamant that they did their best for the team’s circumstances, and some candidates only participated to regain their sense of the game, but they did not intentionally leave out the starting lineup.

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