‘Suspicion of abusing my son’ Team A “I still need to confirm the facts, I understand that I am not involved in group assault… If it’s true, I’ll take off my uniform.”

The head of the KBO League A club was accused of school violence by his son. Club A said, “It is a problem in which the facts regarding the suspicion of school violence have not been revealed. If the allegation turns out to be true at the School Violence Committee, we plan to take strict action accordingly.”

Recently, in the amateur baseball world, there have been rumors of school violence by the son of the head of team A. Team A’s son, B, was a student athlete at C’s high school baseball team. Group B, along with classmates in the same grade, is known to have been suspected of committing group school violence against Group D, who claims to be a victim of school violence.

Club A is also in a confused mood over the sudden suspicion of school violence by the son of the manager.

The head of club A told MK Sports, “This is an issue that has not yet been confirmed. Personally, I figured out that the son did not directly participate in the group violence, but that there was an argument with each other. It was confirmed that the victims and perpetrators were not clearly covered, and that the School Violence Committee had not yet been properly held. The situation is still being investigated by the school side,” he explained.
Team A’s head emphasized that if his son’s allegation of school violence turns out to be true, he will take off his uniform. 카지노사이트

Team A’s head said, “If my son did something wrong, I have no intention of evading or ignoring it. If the results of the school violence committee come out badly, I have a thought of taking off my son’s baseball uniform. I hope you will keep an eye on it a little more because the wrongdoing has not yet been clearly covered by the school violence committee.”

Club A is known to plan to take action on the issue in the future according to the results of the school violence related to the leader’s son.

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