“The direction is not right” Subero blitz hard→Choi Won-ho formally appointed, predicted steps… earlier than expected

Carlos Subero (51), Hanwha coach, resigned after failing to complete the contract period. Coach Won-ho Choi (50), who led the Futures team, was promoted to full-time manager in the first team as expected. The timing was fast, but it was a planned procedure. 

After winning 4-0 against Daejeon Samsung on the 11th, Hanwha announced the termination of the contract with coach Subero. Director Subero, who was appointed as the first foreign command tower for the Hanwha club in November 2021, put down the baton without completing the end of the three-year contract period. 

They started a counterattack with 5 wins and 1 loss in the last 6 games, but the sluggishness in April was painful. Hanwha lost 6 consecutive times until the first match in May against Doosan in Jamsil on the 2nd, with 6 wins, 18 losses and 1 draw, and the winning rate fell to 25%. The sense of crisis about the 10th place for 4 consecutive years has grown. 

Last winter, he declared ‘winning baseball’ by aggressively reinforcing his power, but he fell to the bottom with grades far below expectations. Due to the sluggishness of foreign players, the front desk was also largely responsible for the sluggish performance, but criticism towards coach Subero also arose. 

Even within the club, there have been great doubts about the leadership of coach Subero since last year. He is a manager brought in for rebuilding, but he has been there for two years and he has not appeared with any discernible performance. After finishing last year’s season, he was highly likely to be sacked, but it was concluded that he was re-confirmed in the final stage. 

However, this year’s performance also fell from the beginning of April. Criticism of coach Subero’s mercenary skills was strong as he narrowly lost all the matches. There was no end to the point that “the temperament of a matchmaker is lacking”. It is a situation where it is necessary to produce a certain level of performance, but the experimental player selection and management have gone against the direction of the club.

In the end, the club also decided that it was difficult to accompany coach Subero any longer, and internally prepared for termination of the contract. In the afternoon of this day, the group’s financial status finally fell, and the manager was replaced. 

Head coach Choi Won-ho, who led the Futures team, came to Daejeon in the afternoon after the game in Seosan and had a meeting with CEO Park Chan-hyeok, accepting the position of first-team coach. 

Director Choi Won-ho signed a three-year contract for a total of 1.4 billion won. He will lead the team until 2025 with a down payment of 200 million won, 메이저사이트 an annual salary of 300 million won, and an option of 300 million won. On the 12th, he will make his official debut as a coach at the SSG exhibition in Incheon. 

Coach Choi, who was appointed as the Hanwha Futures head coach in November 2019, has experience leading the first team as an acting manager in June 2020. After the season, with the appointment of manager Subero, he led the Futures again from 2021, and his nurturing ability was recognized. Coach Choi, who has a good reputation as a learning leader, was highly trusted in his team for his detailed guidance and rational leadership. 

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