The fan heart that burned in ‘full of doubts’, whether it will work to turn off the fire urgently

Public opinion is already on fire. It is doubtful whether the Korea Football Association (KFA)’s urgent extinguishing will work.

KFA decided to pardon the soccer player at the board meeting held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th. A total of 100 people were included in the pardon, including 48 players who were expelled in 2011 for match-fixing in professional football.

The press release was distributed around 7:00 PM, an hour before the friendly match against Uruguay. A poor explanation was added to the so-called ‘surprise announcement’. The KFA said, “It is to celebrate advancing to the World Cup 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 at the World Cup Qatar. We reflected the opinions of the frontlines who proposed an amnesty for harmony and a new start in the soccer world.” The performance of the juniors who shed blood and sweat for the World Cup has paved the way for the embarrassing seniors to return.

After the announcement, as if conscious of public opinion, he also defended the person subject to pardon. KFA said, “Even in the case of match-fixing, people with a high degree of misconduct were excluded from the pardon. There is also a purpose to give another chance to soccer players who are judged to have sufficiently reflected on themselves.” The list of 100 people, as well as the criteria for amnesty, have not been disclosed. Only one picture of the board of directors was transparently disclosed.

Sharp criticism was a natural step. The red devils of the soccer team’s cheering squad demanded the full withdrawal of the amnesty and predicted future A-match boycotts and protest rallies. Fans are requesting additional explanations related to the pardon through comments on KFA’s official channels, including various communities.

The Korean Professional Footballers Association (KPFA) also sparked a fire. Fans’ anger reached its peak at the KFA’s incomprehensible treatment. KPFA said in a statement, “Match fixing is something that should never happen in the development of the K-League and Korean football. The Athletes Association is very sorry for the controversy that has arisen due to this KFA pardon,” he said.

Was this kind of wave unexpected? On the afternoon of the 30th, KFA hurriedly started to evolve public opinion, saying, “We will hold a temporary board of directors meeting at 4:00 pm on the 31st in the conference room on the second floor of the Soccer Hall.” 토토사이트

In other words, the bold first announcement was colorless. It is doubtful whether the doubts will even be resolved. According to KFA, photos and videos can only be taken for the first three minutes at the temporary board of directors. The results of the board of directors will be announced through a press release. Interviews with board members are not possible.

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