‘The hardened Yeomgalyang laughed’ Captain Oh Ji-hwan who lost 3 consecutive losses… ‘Smile regained after a long time’

Captain Oh Ji-hwan’s one shot made Yeomgal-ryang’s hardened expression smile.

LG visited Changwon NC Park on the 2nd after being swept in three consecutive matches against KIA at their home Jamsil Stadium on the weekend. Lee Ji-gang, who came to the mound as a temporary starter. From the first inning, the fielders’ poor defense came out, and the starting pitcher couldn’t help.

1 NC attack. Leading batsman Son A-seop sprinted all the way to the infield hit despite a missed ball. Seo Ho-chul is a shortstop grounder. LG faced a crisis of losing 1 company and 1st and 2nd bases due to a walk by Park Min-woo. Batter 4 Park Kun-woo hit the ball and flew in the direction of the shortstop. Oh Ji-Hwan, who hit the ball that bounced, extended his glove, but he failed to catch the batted ball. There was no way to prevent second base runner Ho-cheol Seo from scoring on a ball that went all the way to center fielder. At this time, center fielder Park Hae-min’s relay play was disappointing. A throw that fell between shortstop Oh Ji-hwan and second baseman Kim Min-seong. Taking advantage of the opponent’s mistake, Park Min-woo threw himself from first base to home.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s expression hardened coldly at the play of the LG fielders, who allowed an extra point to be allowed to throw a ball that could have been blocked with 1 point.

LG made a tie by picking up 1 point each in the 2nd and 3rd innings. Captain Oh Ji-hwan, who had to end his three-game losing streak, remained silent until the middle of the game. The 7th opportunity came. After lead hitter Hong Chang-ki’s double hit, Moon Seong-joo and Kim Hyun-soo struck out, and at the moment when it seemed like it would end like this, Austin had to sprint to make a hit despite the missed ball.

Oh Ji-hwan, who entered the at-bat with 2nd out, 1st and 3rd base, picked out NC lefty Kim Yeong-gyu’s first pitch slider and then skillfully pushed the slider driven to the center of the second pitch. It was a hit that landed in front of the center fielder. Oh Ji-hwan, who made his first hit a come-from-behind hit, clenched his fists. 먹튀검증

Oh Ji-hwan, who took out his anger on the bat last weekend, hit the team the moment he needed it and let go of his frustrated mind.

Afterwards, LG continued to have a full base chance with Moon Bo-kyung’s walk. Kim Min-seong kicks off a walk – Park Dong-won has a ball that fits his body. Captain Oh Ji-hwan, who scored, shared a high-five and smiled comfortably after a long time.

Captain Oh Ji-hwan, who made coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop smile, who must have suffered more than anyone else during the losing streak, left the field after giving a high-five of victory.

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