The KBO game seen by the directors, the LG-KT 2nd round… SSG, the winning team, only 2 votes, why?

The most nominated candidates for the 2023 KBO League championship by coaches were LG and KT. SSG, which won the ‘Wire-to-Wire’ combined championship last year, was turned away with only (?) 2 votes. 

At the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Media Day held at the Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Seoul on the 30th, managers of 10 clubs received a common question: “Please pick two teams that you are likely to meet in fall baseball.” It means to select multiple teams that are likely to win.

As a result, LG and KT tied for first place with 6 votes each. It is predicted that LG, which has been consistently evaluated for winning power over the past few years, and KT, the winning team two years ago, will form a two-way system. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, Kiwoom Hong Won-ki, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, Samsung coach Park Jin-man, and Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop 안전놀이터 pointed out LG and KT equally. 

Manager Kim Won-hyung predicted, “The pitching balance is good, and looking at the postseason experience, one of the two teams is likely to play the last game with us.” Coach Hong Won-ki said, “The players and coaches have accumulated experience in a stable starting lineup.” Coach Kim Jong-guk also replied, “The pitching power is the most stable.” Manager Park Jin-man highly regarded the mounds of the two teams, saying, “You must have good pitching power in long-term races.” Coach Lee Seung-yeop also said, “Pitching power is important. The two teams, KT and LG, will definitely go to the postseason.” 

Then Kiwoom got 3 votes. Kiwoom was filmed by NC coach Kang In-kwon, Lotte coach Larry Sutton, and Hanwha coach Carlos Subero. Coach Sutton said, “Kiwoom had a magical season last year. There are players with good athletic nerves, and they showed a good appearance as a team until the end.” Coach Subero also evaluated, “Kiwoom is growing every year centered on domestic players.” 

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