The reason for Seoul’s surprise change of captain “It was Ilyuchenko’s request”

FC Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo revealed the reason for the sudden change of captain. 

On the 9th at 7:30 pm, the 12th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ between Seoul and Gwangju will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. 

Seoul changed its captain from Ilyuchenko to Osmar before the match. Before the game, coach Ahn Ik-soo asked why he changed his captaincy, saying, “It was Ilyuchenko’s concern. Ilyuchenko is a professional player with great self-esteem. However, I had a lot of worries about my physical condition. I was worried because last year’s performance didn’t come out. After worrying, I said that I wanted to focus on recovering my condition. I was in a position that I couldn’t. I thought about it for a long time and gave up several times. I had no choice but to choose it because my intention was strong. did,” he explained. 

Regarding the fact that Osmar was put forward as captain, he said, “He is a foreign player like a Korean player. 

Seoul finished the first round in second place. Director Ahn did not attach great importance to this, saying, “This is the beginning. More preparation is required. You cannot be free from the current process. It is the time when more effort is required.”

He also emphasized the need for a winning streak. Coach Ahn said, “There was no winning streak. This is what we have to do. Otherwise, we cannot fight at a higher level. To fight in a suitable position, we must have a winning streak. In the end, persistence is important. must be given,” he said. 

Seoul surpassed 30,000 average spectators this season in the last match against Jeonbuk. Regarding this, “We shared that information with the players. In 2010, there is a picture at the entrance of the clubhouse that 60,000 spectators found. Even then, the average spectator was over 30,000. I hope we have a lot of responsibility. What we have to do is to It is about making more efforts to fill more needs and attract interest.” 메이저사이트

Regarding coach Lee Jung-hyo’s remarks toward Seoul after the last confrontation, “That kind of football,” he responded that he did not care anymore, saying, “We need to focus on a story that can develop further, not a one-shot provocation.” 

Regarding the operation of the rotation on this day, “(B) Sang-ho and (Ki) Seong-yong have been dedicated, and there are cases where residual injuries come. The point in time is important. I’m sorry, but if I overdo it, I will show a good side to the fans, but there are restrictions. It happens. I have faith that other players such as Willian and Kim Shin-jin will do well.” 

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