‘This is the end of the world’ Stagnating ‘KING’ Lee Kang-in to PSG, two reasons not to be optimistic at all

It’s not just “optimism”. It could lead to nothing. Even if “Golden Boy” Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca) has reached a personal agreement with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), it is increasingly likely that the transfer will not happen. This is due to two variables. One is the “stubbornness” of his current club, Mallorca, and the other is the “uncertainty” of PSG.

After a successful season with Mallorca in 2022-2023, where he recorded his first double-digit offensive points (6 goals, 4 assists), Lee is looking to move on with his career this summer. Many teams have recognized his exceptional talent and have been in the running to sign him. Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and AC Milan have all been linked with the player. However, all of these clubs have since dropped out of the race for Lee for their own reasons. For now, PSG remains the most likely destination for the player.

At one point, a move to PSG was almost a foregone conclusion. As a late entrant into the race for Lee, PSG outbid the other contenders with the most aggressive offer. By the middle of the month, it looked like the deal was a done deal. On April 14, Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in the European transfer market, reported that “PSG and Lee have reached a verbal agreement on a long-term contract and have completed the medical. Up until this point, it seemed like Lee’s move to PSG was a done deal.

However, it’s been over ten days since then and nothing has happened. On the contrary, European media outlets have raised concerns about Lee’s move to PSG. On the 23rd, French media outlet Onze Mondiale reported that “PSG is not paying Mallorca the transfer fee for Lee Kang-jin” and that the transfer situation has changed. It was also reported that PSG and Lee Kang-in’s side have not held specific transfer talks.

Taken together, the situation is not optimistic for Lee to join PSG. It’s true that PSG are interested in Lee. A personal agreement has been reached and medicals have been conducted. The problem is the attitude of his current club, Mallorca. They want to make sure they get a good deal for the player. They want at least 20-25 million euros for the player, which is the last bit of pride they can’t concede. It”s unlikely that they”ll be willing to let Lee go until they break that threshold. It”s like Tottenham Hotspur”s refusal to sell Harry Kane on the cheap.

PSG’s current uncertainty is also a negative factor. For one thing, PSG is not comfortable with Mallorca’s asking price because they are not sure about Lee. PSG is only willing to pay a maximum of €15 million (approximately $214 million) for the player. There is a gap between the two sides of at least €5 million and up to €10 million.

It’s a gap that needs to be bridged by negotiation, which PSG are not willing to do. There’s a reason. PSG currently has a managerial vacancy. Luis Enrique is the favorite to take over, but there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. Once Enrique is confirmed as the new manager, the ongoing transfer activity will gain momentum. That’s why we can’t expect to see any active negotiations with Mallorca over Lee’s transfer fee.

If Enrique sees him as a ‘must-have’ player, PSG will be more willing to negotiate a transfer fee. However, if Enrique is lukewarm about Lee, the worst case scenario is that the transfer never happens. Even if the personal negotiations are over, if the clubs don’t agree, the player may not be able to leave Mallorca. The buyout clause (minimum transfer fee) 토토사이트 is a whopping €30 million (approximately $41.8 billion). To put it bluntly, there is no team that would pay that much for him. He’s just not that highly rated yet.

Mallorca know this, which is why they asked for 20-25 million euros, and PSG are willing to pay less for the same reason. This attitude is similar to the one that AT Madrid showed earlier. They wanted Lee, but they didn’t want to pay up to €20 million, so they gave up. PSG are a bit more aggressive, but they still don’t see him as worth more than €20 million. Mallorca, on the other hand, don’t want to sell him for less than €20 million. They think they’d be better off keeping him.

As a result, if the negotiations between Mallorca and PSG don”t go well, the player may not be able to switch teams. If anything, this scenario is becoming more convincing at the moment. It”s not a time for optimism at all.

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