‘Three consecutive losses’ Chungnam Asan, aiming for a reversal of the atmosphere through ‘Chungnam Derby’

Chungnam Asan FC, which needs a reversal, seeks to escape from losing streak in the ‘Chungnam Derby’ against Cheonan City FC.

Cheonan and Chungnam Asan will play round 14 of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 at Cheonan Sports Complex located in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do at 4:00 pm on the 20th.

Chungnam-Asan is not doing well recently. Starting with the 1-2 loss against the Jeonnam Dragons in the 10th round, the last game of April, they lost three games in a row. As they failed to collect points in a row, they failed to rise to the top of the table, and their ranking is down to 10th.

Chungnam-Asan, desperate for victory, is determined to bring 3 points in the face-to-face confrontation with Cheonan, a team near the region called the ‘Chungnam Derby’. In the first match in the last 4 rounds, they won 1-0. 먹튀검증

We look forward to Kang Min-kyu, the protagonist of the 4th round ‘Chungnam Derby’ final goal. Kang Min-gyu, who joined Chungnam-Asan in the 2022 season, is energizing the team’s attacking team. This also appears in his records. Among the players who participated in the K-League 2 April, Kang Min-kyu ranked 3rd in sprint distance (3,448m) and 4th in the number of sprints (162), showing outstanding records in the entire league.

Coach Park Dong-hyuk, who is facing Cheonan, said, “Even though the team is on a losing streak, the content of the game is gradually improving and the process of preparing for Cheonan is good. It is forbidden. I will do my best to thoroughly prepare and provide an opportunity to change the atmosphere,” he said, expressing his determination to participate in the game.

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