Tottenham UCL failure… Chaotic EPL ‘winner’, super computer prediction?

A super computer predicted the English Premier League (EPL) winning team.

The race to win the English Premier League in the 2022-23 season is falling into chaos. On the 16th (Korean time), the No. 1 main character changed. Manchester City won 3-1 against Arsenal to rise to the top of the table with a level on points and a goal difference advantage.

But over the weekend things changed again. Arsenal won a dramatic victory in the 24th round against Aston Villa at Villa Park on the 18th. Arsenal faced a 2-2 situation in the second half of extra time, after Jorginho’s shot hit the post, it was again hit by Emiliano Martinez and scored. In addition, Gabriel Martinelli even scored and won 4-2.

Villa’s match against Arsenal was followed by a match between Man City and Nottingham Forest. Manchester City took the lead through Bernardo Silva’s goal in the 41st minute. Manchester City wanted an extra goal, but Erling Haaland and Phil Foden missed the chance. Eventually, in the 39th minute of the second half, Chris Wood allowed an equalizer. In the end, only one point was obtained, and Arsenal rose to first place.

With the ranking hardly predictable, the super computer chose Arsenal as the winning team. According to England’s ‘The Sun’, the supercomputer predicted Arsenal’s points at 85.1 and Manchester City’s at 81.4. Arsenal’s advantage was expected by a difference of 3.7 points. 카지노사이트

Manchester United and Newcastle followed. Manchester United are currently in 3rd place with 49 points (15 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses). The second half of the season is better than Arsenal and boasts the best atmosphere. One more game was played, but with a 5-point gap with first place Arsenal, it is not impossible to challenge for the championship.

Newcastle are competing fiercely with Tottenham for fourth place. Newcastle finished fifth with 41 points, with one less game played, while Tottenham ranked fourth with 42 points. The supercomputer predicted that Newcastle would overtake Tottenham to finish fourth.

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