Unemployment baseball team ‘Daegu Dreams’ plans to hold a single tournament, including invitations to Chinese pros

The Daegu Dreams business baseball team invites Chinese professional baseball teams and plans to hold a single tournament by combining 6 domestic business baseball teams and 2 college professional baseball teams.

‘Sichuan Dragons’, a Chinese professional baseball team, has been launched for the first time in 10 years and has yet to perform well in international competitions.

This exchange match between the Chinese professional baseball team and the Korean business baseball team will build a bridgehead for the development of baseball in both countries and serve as a basis for introducing advanced baseball.

Anticipating this, the Daegu Dreams business baseball team held a tournament to make a breakthrough in the baseball industry, which is saturated with baseball exchanges and development between the two countries. We will also contribute to baseball friendship through the expedition of domestic business teams to China.

Dalseong-gun, Daegu responds to this and participates in the hosting and progress of international competitions from September to October through the use of the baseball field in the county, requesting to join the development of Dalseong-gun’s sports and baseball industry. It is hoped that exchanges between the two countries will become active by holding regular international conferences.

Since the establishment of professional baseball in 1982, Korean baseball has developed the domestic baseball industry by accepting the advanced baseball industries of the United States and Japan, so I think this international tournament will be a good example of exporting the baseball industry.

Dreams, a social cooperative, is a business baseball team to provide high school, college, and professional graduates with an opportunity to once again grow into baseball, and to provide players with a salary through job creation, work by utilizing their majors, and even support start-ups in fields of talent. was founded.

The Daegu Dreams business baseball team is composed of coach Kim Yong-cheol, who served as the manager of the former Lotte, Samsung, and police baseball teams, and professional coaches.

Manager Kim Yong-cheol said, “Although baseball is a major, not all players become pros, and the reality is that there are no workplace baseball teams other than professional baseball after graduation. I want to open the field of opportunity to players once again to prepare conditions for them to challenge professional baseball again, and provide jobs other than baseball so that they can have a stable career as a player,” he said, revealing the motivation for the founding. 먹튀검증

There are 6 domestic business baseball teams, which play 40 leagues a year, participate in national sports games with national teams from each province and Asian Games, and also hold and participate in international matches in Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The goal is to revive the Asian series (champion) and build more infrastructure.

In December 2022, the Daegu Dreams business baseball team took its first step. Although there are difficulties such as trial and error at the beginning of the establishment, we will have a stable operating system in the near future and contribute to the creation of employment and start-up jobs so that players can lead an exemplary athlete’s life with pride as the first members.

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