US-Japan tough SSG new foreigner Romero, first bullpen pitching digestion “I want to learn a lot about Korean baseball”

“I felt the KBO league official ball for the first time with my fingertips.”

SSG’s new foreign pitcher Eni Romero (32) had his first bullpen pitching on the 7th (local time).

SSG reported that left-hander Romero threw a total of 30 pitches, including a fastball, two-seam, slider, curve, and changeup, at the spring camp held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Florida. He threw with a power of 50 to 60%, and it is said that the speed of the fastball came out in the early 140 km range.

“I focused on learning how to pitch on the mound,” said Romero. It feels smaller than the Japanese official ball.” Romero said, “I will do well in running and technical training to keep my body in good shape during spring camp. He also said, “I am preparing and trying to learn about the play style I have to play in Korea.”

SSG Pitching Coach Cho Woong-cheon said, “I haven’t pitched with all my strength yet, but I felt that the power and movement of the fastball and breaking ball were all good overall.” I look forward to pitching in the future.”

Romero, who hails from the Dominican Republic, signed a contract with SSG in December last year for a total of $1 million (800,000 annual salary, 200,000 options). He made his major league debut in 2013 while at Tampa Bay, and through Washington, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City until 2018, he recorded 137 major league games, 4 wins, 6 losses, and an average ERA of 5.12. Romero, who entered the Japanese professional baseball in 2019, left an average ERA of 3.36 with 8 wins and 9 losses in 20 games and 115.1 innings last year as a member of Chiba Lotte.

SSG cited Romero’s strengths as his ability to put pressure on batters with a fastball that travels over 150 km, a breaking ball coming out of the same height as a fastball, and excellent control. “I like to pitch aggressively,” Romero said. It is my strength to deal aggressively with hitters and make them feel the burden when they step into the plate.”

Romero also recalled his experience dealing with Choo Shin-soo in Tampa Bay and Washington. He looked back, saying, “Most of the players have weaknesses and points that can be attacked, but Choo Shin-soo was a very tricky player who was not well-targeted.” 카지노

He said he heard a lot about Korean baseball from Ivan Nova, who played for SSG last year. “I heard it was a very difficult league to adapt to as a pitcher,” Romero said. They said that the hitters are well aware of the strike zone and have good contact.” I want to learn a lot about the Korean league.”

Romero said, “I will do my best to prepare well for the spring camp so that the fans can show my 100 percent skills on the mound. I hope to see the fans at the home stadium as soon as possible.”

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