“Veterans catch it well” Bae Ji-hwan’s changed pirate corps

It’s no longer the Pittsburgh Pirates, who lost 100 games the past two seasons.

Pittsburgh beat the Chicago White Sox at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 8th (Korean time) and won the home opener 13-9. With this victory, he ran a 4-game winning streak and recorded 5 wins and 2 losses.

It’s still early in the season, but the uptrend is not unusual. The Boston Red Sox swept three consecutive away games and continued that momentum at home.

Bae Ji-hwan, who started as the second baseman in No. 8 that day and scored three hits, said, “It seems like a real change,” and said that he felt the changed team atmosphere. “Honestly, in the past, even if the media openly said that our team was not good, no one refuted it. I think I am breaking those thoughts this year,” he said, breaking everyone’s expectations.

When asked about the secret of the change, “Young players are showing mature play. This is not just coming out, but because the veterans are holding it well next to me,” he said. He conveyed the changed atmosphere, saying, “Players in their 30s take care of and teach a lot of players in their early 20s.”

Director Derek Shelton said, “It goes from 1 to 13, not from 1 to 9. He tries to show more control at the plate. A lot of it is starting with McCutchen and Santana,” he said, emphasizing that the presence of veterans is affecting the entire squad.

In particular, regarding McCutchen, “What I noticed the most was that he hit a shortstop grounder in the fifth inning and ran with all his might like a 22-year-old player. I think that’s why he gets a standing ovation,” he said, highly appreciating his fighting spirit.

If McCutchen represents veteran hitters, Brian Reynolds, who recorded 6 RBIs that day, is at the center of the younger generation. 안전놀이터

Shelton, who said Reynolds’ performance on this day was “the best I’ve ever seen,” said, “It’s clear he’s swinging on the right ball. It’s something I’ve been emphasizing since my hitting coach days, but pitchers are supposed to put the ball in the strike zone if they don’t bat on a bad ball. And he can do a lot of damage with a ball like that.”

Reynolds said, “I got my timing back. Like most other hitters, he got his timing and got a good chance. If the timing is right, hitting a good ball will be easier. You can see and read the ball better. You will be put in a better situation where you can hit a good ball.”

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