‘Volleyball studying abroad’ Mongolian youth, ‘Korean dream’ in 6 years

Bayar Saihan (right, 25) and Eddie (left, 24) from Mongolia achieved the ‘Korean Dream’ in six years.

Eddie was called by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who exercised the first pick in the Pro Volleyball V-League Men’s Asian Quarter Draft held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th. It’s ‘half Korean’. Immediately after transferring to Suncheon Jeil High School for the 3rd year, he went to Sungkyunkwan University the following year and experienced college leagues. The fact that he was fluent in Korean and had a high understanding of Korean volleyball worked as an advantage. He submitted an application as a middle blocker, but it is evaluated by those around him that he can play as a wing striker.

Bayar Saihan (25), who stepped on Korean soil in the same year as Eddy, was also nominated by OK Financial Group in fourth place and succeeded in making a dream of a soft landing in the V-League. In November 2016, when he was playing in a Mongolian tournament, coach Lee Yong-seon of Jeonnam Suncheon Jeil High School caught the eye of him and recommended him to go to Korea.

After entering Inha University the following year, he officially registered as a college player in the University Volleyball Federation in 2019, leaving a strong impression with a cool spike that he hit from a high RBI with a height of 198 cm.

In addition to the two Mongolian middle blockers, two Japanese players were also named. KEPCO, which received the right to pick the second pick, dropped Iga Ryohei (29). He is the main character who played an active role as the main libero in the Japanese league Panasonic Pansus. He is the first foreign player to play in the V-League as a libero. 메이저사이트

Issey Otake (28), who applied as an apposite spiker, was also selected by Woori Card in the 7th place. He is the son of Hideyuki Otake, a 208 cm tall striker who led Japanese men’s volleyball in the 1990s. Korean men’s volleyball has a painful memory of losing 14-16 in the 1991 World League against Japan in a tight 2-2 match, blocked by Otake’s blocking wall in the last 5 sets.

Taiwan also produced two V-leagues along with Mongolia and Japan. Middle blocker Tsai Fei-chang (22), the tallest (203 cm) tallest in this draft, joined Hyundai Capital, the ‘tall legion’ led by coach Choi Tae-woong, and 191 cm outsight hitter Liu Hong-min (30) was ranked 6th by KB Insurance. wore a uniform

As a result of the draft, Mark Espeho (26), who became the only Filipino player, predicted an active performance in the V-League from next season with the wings of Korean Air, the main character of three consecutive championships.

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