“We’re only halfway there” Suwon FC ‘confident for good reason’ in second-half rebound

“I think we’re halfway there.”

Suwon FC head coach Kim Do-gyun is optimistic. At the season’s turning point, the team is still in the relegation zone, but there are still plenty of opportunities to climb back up. “Looking back, we had more bad games than good, but on the bright side, it’s only halfway through. I think we need to be positive,” Kim said.

Suwon FC is certainly not in a good place. They’re just getting less attention because other teams like Jeonbuk Hyundai and Suwon Samsung are struggling so badly. After 19 rounds, Suwon is in 10th place with five wins, four draws, and 10 losses (19 points). It’s a crisis that’s gotten less attention because other teams are struggling so badly, but it’s certainly a crisis considering that Suwon has consistently finished above mid-table, including fifth in 2021, their first year of promotion, and seventh last year.

Nevertheless, Kim Do-gyun and Suwon FC are confident of a second-half rebound. There are reasons. They’ve made some solid additions to their offense and defense. Some players have already joined the team, and there are more additions planned for both the offense and defense. Kim and Suwon FC are hopeful that they will be able to turn the tide as they are all players with a sense of immediate power.

Lopez has already joined the attacking lineup. Although the registration process was delayed due to visa issues, he is expected to play as early as this weekend against the Pohang Steelers. Lopez is considered the “crack” of the K League after accumulating 52 goals and 33 assists in five seasons with Jeju United and Jeonbuk from 2015-2019. His experience in the K League is expected to be a big boost to the offense.

Coach Kim Do-gyun also said, “When I saw Lopez’s body, I thought that he had taken good care of himself. He has great muscle mass, which is incomparable to Korean players.” “He is a player with solid skills. I was worried about his game sense and physical strength because he hasn’t played for a long time, but after talking to him, I was convinced that he will do well.”

The midfield has already been reinforced. Lee Young-jae is back. He was a key part of Suwon FC’s midfield before joining the army. Kim Do-gyun knows how to utilize him better than anyone. He can spearhead the offense by delivering crisp passes to the forward line, including Ras, Lee Seung-woo, and Lopez. This could be a ‘happy medium’ for coexisting with Yoon and other types of cards.

Not only that. “We are in the process of signing a center back, and another striker will be added,” said Kim Do-gyun. Injured players such as Kim Hyun and Shin Shin have returned one after another, and Lee Kwang-hyuk is also working on his comeback. The team’s strength 메이저놀이터 has been solidified with the return of injured players. At the halfway point, the team is confident of a second half rebound.

Of course, reinforcements alone don’t guarantee success. The tactics and game management are up to Kim Do-gyun. With the fourth-fewest goals scored and the most conceded in the league, correcting the imbalance between offense and defense is a key task. “We’re conceding more goals and scoring fewer,” says Kim. I’m confident that we can rebound if we get the balance right,” Kim said. If Suwon FC fights back, they’ll be in contention for the K League title

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