Who are the key players in the ‘Hall of Fame’ Ferguson-Wenger era, Manchester United and Arsenal?

Glory Ferguson, Who are the players who led the Wenger era?

The English Premier League (EPL) secretariat said on the official website on the 29th (Korean time), “Manchester United legend Alex Ferguson and Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger became the first managers to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. They have created remarkable legacies at Manchester United and Arsenal respectively, and won a total of 16 Premier League trophies while creating one of the most famous rivalries in league history.”

These two managers are the best managers in EPL history. It is safe to say that the two coaches led the team to raise the level of the EPL and tow popularity. Ferguson joined Manchester United in 1986 and led the team until 2013. In total, he managed 810 games, won 528, scored 1,627 goals and scored 1,752 points. In terms of win rate, it is 65.2%.

He won the Coach of the Year award 11 times and was nominated for the Coach of the Month award 27 times. He also won the EPL 13 times. Thirteen of the 20 first division trophies United have lifted since their founding in 1878 came during the Ferguson era. He is a great manager who will go beyond the EPL and go down in the history of world football. While leading the team for a long time, he discovered numerous players and showed leadership and judgment to succeed in constantly changing generations.

Arsene Wenger joined Arsenal in 1996 and managed it until 2018. He has stayed with the first team longer than Ferguson and has more command matches. He led 828 games, won 476, scored 1,561 goals and scored 1,627 points. He has won the EPL 3 times and has been named Manager of the Year 3 times and Manager of the Month 15 times. It is less than Ferguson, but it is Wenger who wrote a record that no one else can match. 메이저사이트

Who are the protagonists of the era of glory led by the two directors? According to data distributed by the EPL Secretariat, the most appearances during the Ferguson era were Ryan Giggs with 620 matches. Paul Scholes (499 games), Gary Neville (400 games), Roy Keane (326 games) and Rio Ferdinand (298 games) followed. The top scorer was Wayne Rooney with 141 goals, followed by Giggs (109 goals), Scholes (107 goals), Ruud van Nistelrooy (95 goals) and Andy Cole (93 goals).

Looking at Wenger’s era, Dennis Bergkamp had the most appearances with 277, followed by Patrick Vieira (276), Theo Walcott (270), Thierry Henry (258) and Laurent Koscielny (238) from 2nd to 5th. . The highest score was by far Henry. Henry has scored 176 goals, while Robin van Persie, who is second, has 96 goals. From 3rd to 5th, Bergkamp (74 goals), Olivier Giroud (73 goals) and Walcott (65 goals) were located.

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