Wolkle DF regrets, ‘Ah… I re-signed with Chelsea for no reason Damn it! I want to go’

Tiago Silva (38), a world-class defender who is looking at his forties, is bitterly regretting his move to Chelsea.

Brazil’s Globu Esporte reported on the 13th that “Chelsea defender Silva is considering leaving the team this summer.”

Silva joined Chelsea from Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2020. Even though he is a veteran, he played 32 official games this season as well as young players. He keeps the team centered in a shaky situation.

Such Silva extended his contract with Chelsea in February this year until the summer of 2024. He will turn 39 in September, and is expected to still hit the ground. 토토사이트

However, according to the media, it is judged that Silva made a mistake in renewing the contract. I am regretting it. Chelsea are currently in 11th place in the Premier League, despite a huge injection of money under new owner Todd Boelli. The chaotic situation of changing the manager twice during the season continues. Because of this, Silva’s mind changed. In fact, he spat bitterly at the club management.

In the end, Silva hopes to terminate his contract with Chelsea and wants to return to Fluminense in Brazil. There is a possibility that he will play for one year in the team he was in until 2009 and retire from active play. Fluminense has left Silva’s number 3 vacant since last year.

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