“You have to show everything you’ve got,” says Jung In-ho on playing practice matches with professional teams

As a fourth-year college player, Jung In-ho needs to prove himself in practice.

Myeongji University was on fire at the beginning of this year’s college league, boosting their chances of making the playoffs. However, the team struggled with injuries in the middle of the season and ultimately failed to make the playoffs, which means there are no more college league games left for the seniors. That’s why they’re giving it their all in every game.

Reflecting on the season, Jung said, “It’s a shame that we didn’t make the playoffs. Our school has never made the playoffs before. At the beginning of the season, everyone thought we were going to go, so I think we relaxed. We had a lot of injuries.”

Although the season is over, Myung Ji-dae’s training continues. In particular, the team has recently been playing scrimmages against professional teams. “Our team is out of the playoffs, so we don’t have many opportunities to showcase. We have to show it in practice. But when I think about it, I feel pressured and nervous, so I try to be relaxed,” he said.

“I’m not a flashy player. But my strength is my shot and I can shoot a lot of different shots. I don’t have a lot of skills, but I’m a shooter and I’m focusing on my shooting and doing my best on defense. I want to show everything I have,” he added.

Afterward, we asked Jung how he was doing, and he said, “The season ended quickly. (Laughs) But we’re still working out together and playing practice games. Until the draft, I’m in school and trying to build up my body.”

He continued, “My biggest goal is to go pro. I’m trying to do my best for that. I’m not in a position to care about the rankings right now. I have to go for now,” he said, expressing his desire to go pro.

When asked about his strengths, Jung In-ho said, “My strength is my shooting. I’ve been practicing a lot. Of course, it’s not enough compared to professional players. But I want to make up for it and become a good shooter. I want to be remembered as a player who is not only good at shooting, but also good at defense.” 스포츠토토

Finally, Jung In-ho left a message for his juniors, saying, “Don’t be greedy, trust your coach and show unity with each other, and your performance will be good.”

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